Thanks for the feedback!






Thanks to all of you who took the time to fill in our recent survey. Here is a summary of your feedback:

  • You would like your children to be offered fruit as an alternative pudding… This will begin in September.
  • You would like to see more photos and recipes on our Facebook page… We will do our best!
  • You find online ordering harder work than it needs to be… Did you know that you are able to block book meals? If you are having problems please ‘Talk to Tim’ on 01308 428912.
  • You can’t comment on the food because you have never seen or tasted it… We encourage our schools to host ‘Come Dine with Me’ events to enable parents to lunch with their children. We also regularly host tasting events within schools.
  • You like that we support local businesses…Did you know that we spend 78% of our money within Dorset and 90% within the South West?
  • Your children are sometimes reluctant to try new things because they want to get a ‘clean plate’ sticker… We are working with our designer to introduce a new sticker specifically for children who have “tried something new”.
  • You think that the vegetarian meal doesn’t always offer a real alternative… Last year we introduced a Jacket Potato option to add variety to the menu. We will try and vary the vegetarian meals more, however, oven space and cooking times sometimes limit what we can do.
  • You asked for pesto… However we operate nut and seed free kitchens and so are unable to offer pesto because of the pine nuts required.
  • You asked whether you could pay by direct debit or standing order… Unfortunately we are not able to offer this service at the moment. All online payments are currently made through PayPal.
  • Someone suggested that we have a ‘Diner of the Week’… We love this idea, thank you! We will be following this up with schools in September so keep an eye on our website and Facebook page!


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