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Children in Reception, Year 1 or 2 are entitled to a free school meal.

Once you have your child’s activation code (please contact your school office if you haven’t been given one) – it’s easy to order school meals online at: – you can use this Parent Guide to assist you.

What children & parents say

Here’s just a selection of feedback about our lunches:

“My son goes to Stalbridge Primary and can be a bit of a fussy eater at home – but he loves his hot school meals and often comes out at the end of the day with a sticker because he’s cleared his plate! Result! Thank you.”

“My kids both have hot school meals and they both absolutely love them, particulary the pasta and pizza dish and both love the lemon drizzle cake.”

“Just want to say what a fantastic dinner today, pork goulash, job well done, 5 stars to who ever cooked it, we want more…”

“My 4 year old enjoys his lunches and likes looking up on the iPad what he is going to have the next day!”

“Loving the new menu choices – can’t say enough times how much both my girls love their school dinners !!! My little one is even eating the ‘yellow stuff’ now…….. !!! (Custard)”

“Good food, locally sourced ingredients, plenty of options, hot lunch time meal = happy mummy, tasty food (with seconds and sometimes thirds!) = happy 7 year old daughter.”

If you’d like to add your review, please visit and like our Facebook page:


From December 2014, all food producers need to label their products with details of certain allergens. The Food Standards Agency has identified 14 primary allergens to be aware of, and gives details of them in this infographic.


Keeping an eye on ingredients

We want to make it easy for you to check that our meals are suitable for your children – so we give details of the ingredients, dish by dish, within the online meals ordering system. Simply click on any meal choice to bring up the list of ingredients contained.

As well as this, you can now see every ingredient we’re using in the current menu, and any allergy advice about it in this spreadsheet:


Discussing your child’s allergies

While it is still a parent’s responsibility to choose appropriate school meals for their children’s diets, we’re happy to help you with any concerns or questions you may have.

– Firstly you should complete and return this form to your child’s school:

Allergy Special Dietary Requirements Form

– You can also contact Barry Dovell on 01308 428921 or to discuss your child’s dietary requirements.

What’s on the menu today?

Here’s our current menu:


Our menus change each term, and throughout the term we create meals that are nutritionally balanced, familiar, filling and comforting.

With school meals, we know sometimes it’s a bit of an effort to get children to eat up all their veg, but we have a secret weapon – hidden veg. Our tomato sauce is packed with veg before it’s blended, so they’ll never know how good it is for them.

Even the puddings often have hidden goodness, like dates in our chocolate brownies.

We also create theme days throughout the year – for example Comic Relief, World Book Day and many others. And in December we pull out all the stops for Christmas lunch!

About Universal Free School Meals

Following recommendations in the School Food Plan, the government is funding free school meals to all Key Stage 1 pupils (in reception, year 1 and year 2) in state-funded schools in England.

That means that if your child is in KS1 they’ll get a free lunch every day. You don’t need to do anything – it will start automatically. It’s easy to start ordering school meals online – just contact your school office for a registration code and you can get going at

If they’ve never had a Local Food Links school meal before, have a look at Summer Menu 2022 to see what they’ll be enjoying!



FAQs March 2021


Click here for our Ordering Guide for Parents.

  1. Can I order meals for my child via this site?

Yes, please click here.

if you’re new to Local Food Links you’ll need an authorisation code first – see below.

Account set-up and login

  1. I don’t have an email address

It’s easy to set up an email account, and many of the larger internet companies offer free email services that you can access on any computer (including public computers in libraries and schools). Some of the more popular include:

* Gmail

* Yahoo

* MSN Hotmail


(We don’t specifically endorse any of these services.)

  1. I just created a Local Food Links account, but I can’t log in.

If you created your account successfully, then please check the spelling of your email address and password when you typed it in. Try resetting the password (using the link below the ‘Login’ button).

If you get the message, ‘These credentials do not match our records’,  then the email address was not recorded correctly. Just create a new account, ensuring your email address is typed correctly.

If you get the message, ‘We have emailed you a password reset link’, then log in to your email and use the link to change your password.  Please note that the link is only valid for 60 minutes.

  1. I have tried to reset my password, but the email has never arrived.

Please check the spam or junk folder of your email account. If you still can’t find the password email, please contact Local Food Links at

  1. My email address has changed. How can I change my account?

Email us at, noting your old email address and your new address. You can still log in using your old email address until you receive notification that the change has been processed.

 Authorisation Codes

  1. I don’t have an authorisation code.

Please contact your school office or email

  1. The authorisation code I have does not register on the system.

Please contact your school office or email

  1. My authorisation code has already been used.

Authorisation codes can be used more than once – for example, both a child’s parents could have separate accounts for themselves with their children in both accounts. Either parent could then order, pay, and alter meal choices.

Ordering and Payments

  1. Why can’t I order or make changes for this week?

Local Food Links policy is that all orders (and cancellations) must be received one week in advance. This is because we only order the exact quantities we need for each day’s freshly cooked meals, minimising waste and making the meals more affordable.

  1. Can I pay by cash or cheque?

If you need to pay by cash or cheque, please contact your school office for more information about placing your order through the school.

  1. How do I pay?

You can pay by debit or credit card or by PayPal.

  1. I’m not sure my payment has gone through – what should I do?

If you believe that you have made a payment that has not been received, please check your bank or credit card account immediately, and if you have been charged contact us at

  1. I have two children. Can I use a credit on one account for a meal on another?

Yes, your credit is linked to your account and can be used to pay for any linked diner’s order.

  1. How do I cancel a meal I have ordered and paid for?

As long as the meal is still more than a week away, click ‘Cancel meal’ on your order page. If the meal is within one week, you cannot cancel or alter it.

  1. I have a credit balance. Can I have the cash refunded?

Only if the child holding the credit leaves the school, otherwise you can use it to order meals.

Notices and Emails

  1. I would like to sign up for emails from Local Food Links.

Click here to sign up for newsletters and ordering reminders.

      2. I don’t want to receive any messages.

If you want to unsubscribe from our emails, then just click on the link at the bottom of the email and complete the form to be removed from the list.

However, we do send other messages to parents automatically, such as password change confirmation emails, payment notices, and meal cancellation messages. You can’t opt out of these, because they’re essential to the meals service.