We’re movie stars!

As a social enterprise set up for community benefit,  we have developed a model that enables small, rural schools without kitchens of their own to enjoy freshly prepared meals and now, with funding from the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation a short film has been produced showcasing our work.

Click here to watch the film

Deborah Croney, Dorset County Councillor comments that,

‘This model is a fantastic option for schools that can’t afford to have kitchens put in themselves.’ 

Julia Saint, Teacher at Durweston Primary School notices the

‘…difference in the afternoon after a good solid meal.  They certainly appear full and ready to learn and concentrate.’

Gill Reynolds, Catering Manager at Local Food Links explains that

‘just seeing children enjoying the food and knowing we’re feeding the children nutritious meals makes the job worth it.’


Schools interested in working in partnership with us should contact Caroline Morgan, Chief Executive by email: caroline.morgan@localfoodlinks.org.uk

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