Sustainable Palm Oil Policy
Local Food Links are proud to be a champion to the Dorset Sustainable Palm Oil Community. Sustainable palm oil (SPO) should be the norm, and by signing up, we are telling our suppliers that we only want sustainable.


Local Food Links support the use of sustainably sourced ingredients including the use of sustainably sourced palm oil and palm derivatives.  When we use palm oil, we commit to using sustainably sourced palm oil or palm derivatives.  There are a number of supply chain options to demonstrate the use of 100% sustainable palm oil and therefore compliance, which are approved by the RSPO.  We are therefore committed to asking for and purchasing ingredients with sustainable palm oil only.  We know that by doing this we are helping to support livelihoods, flight climate change and protect wildlife around the world from the impact of unsustainable agricultural practices.

Local Food Links has become a Dorset Sustainable Palm Oil Champion and has audited all suppliers to check that only sustainable palm oil products are being used.


29 April 2022