Here’s just a selection of feedback about our lunches:

“My son goes to Stalbridge Primary and can be a bit of a fussy eater at home – but he loves his hot school meals and often comes out at the end of the day with a sticker because he’s cleared his plate! Result! Thank you.”

“My kids both have hot school meals and they both absolutely love them, particulary the pasta and pizza dish and both love the lemon drizzle cake.”

“My 4 year old enjoys his lunches and likes looking up on the iPad what he is going to have the next day!”

“Loving the new menu choices – can’t say enough times how much both my girls love their school dinners !!! My little one is even eating the ‘yellow stuff’ now…….. !!! (Custard)”

“Good food, locally sourced ingredients, plenty of options, hot lunch time meal = happy mummy, tasty food (with seconds and sometimes thirds!) = happy 7 year old daughter.”

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