Healthy food is essential for learning.  We make sure our menus are full of familiar foods that the children will enjoy.


Healthy body & mind

Research shows that children are able to concentrate better after a hot school meal.  This means they’ll be more focused for the afternoon lessons.

Schools have told us that children are often better behaved, calmer and more able to concentrate after they’ve had our cooked lunches.

Our lunches follow strict School Food Standards and are packed full of healthy goodness.  We use fresh, locally sourced ingredients wherever possible and always sneak extra vegetables in wherever we can!  Did you know only 1.5% of packed lunches meet the same nutritional values as a cooked school meal?

Trying new foods

We make sure our menus have lots of familiar foods and with three choices a day it’s easy to find something your children will enjoy.  Parents have told us that the children like eating with their friends, and will try new foods with them that they may not try at home!


Warm and well-fuelled

A good cooked lunch gives children the fuel not only for the afternoon’s learning, but also for after-school clubs – and it saves you having to load them up with snacks when school ends.  On a cold day, a hot meal is much better than a sandwich and a bag of crisps too.


Convenient and FREE for Key Stage 1 children

Our nutritious and delicious lunches save you all the time and hassle of having to make packed lunches and takes the pressure off you needing cook a big meal in the evening too. If your child is Key Stage 1 (that’s Reception, Year 1 & 2) they’ll get our lunches for free. If your child is in Year 3 or above, you could be eligible for means-tested free school meals.


Healthy school

As well as the benefits for the children, our lunches are good for the whole school. Better behaved and engaged children make lessons more effective and easier for teachers. A proper lunch makes children more sociable. And we think food education is a really vital part of every child’s learning.