Some things are worth spending money on

At Local Food Links we normally steer away from politics and concentrate on our area of expertise, great school food, but given that there has been a lot of discussion in the media about the Conservative Party’s manifesto pledge to abolish universal … Continued

Sticky Toffee Pudding Recipe

Sticky Toffee Pudding with Custard has been very popular at lunchtimes this term. It’s a real winter warmer treat. Here is our recipe to download. So why not try this at home and let us know on our Facebook page … Continued

We’re on the telly!

Local Food Links have recently been made the subject of a TV programme. It will be aired on the Community Channel on Monday 22nd Feb at 10pm. Here’s a bit more info about the series…!food-rebels/pt873

LFL Chef aims for top regional culinary title

The search is on… The search is underway for the LACA (Lead Association for CAtering in Education) School Chef of the Year 2016.  Four school chefs from the South West, including Tracy Dawson (Cook at Local Food Links’ Blandford kitchen), … Continued

Christmas Card Competition Winner

A big thank you to everyone who entered our Christmas Card competition – We had more than 200 entries overall! Congratulations to our winner, Katie Hull (age 11) from Shillingstone School, we’re sure you’ll love her winning design as much … Continued

Competition Time

Design this year’s LFL Christmas card and win 20 Christmas cards and a £20 gift voucher too! Please submit all entries on A4 paper to your school office by Monday 23rd November. Remember to include: • Your Full Name • … Continued

UPDATE: Free school meals will not be cut, says PM

For those of you worried about speculation in the media that removing Universal Infant Free School Meals is high on the list of cuts the Government wishes to make: David Cameron has confirmed during Prime Minister’s Questions that Universal Infant … Continued

Dorset Apple Cake Recipe

If you have your own harvest gluts and a little time on your hands why not spend some of this weekend making chutney or better still Dorset Apple Cake. Ingredients: Apples Diced                              212g Baking Powder                           7.5g … Continued